Taktil is a concept combining selected fashion design shop and workshop DiY platform, with accessories, small interior items and conscious children wear.

Our love for exploring traditional craftmanship remedies began in Uzbekistan, where people have understood the power of craftmanship and non-monetary trade, including knowledge of natural materials and basic techniques to produce with low mechanical engeneering, sophisticated manual labor to revaluate the material.

Taktil Work/Shop provides these know-how with modern, contemporary high quality products sourced from small businesses and cooperates with work programmes for disabled people locally, regionally and around the world to create innovative products. The end result: a truly sustainable and no waste policy of then real luxury products and taking care products.


With a career in shoe design and in training fashion design students , Noelle Harris recognized a gap in the fashion industry for open source design. After developing a collection and working with longterm unemployees and many trips to Istanbul, Uzbekistan, Danielle conceived of a niche fashion brand that would provide exceptional products while elevating the creators and the customers on a exchanging level. In spring 2003,  Danielle Noelle Dreier Harris launched Taktil Work/Shop.

Taktil Work/Shop embodies Danielle’s dedication to supporting traditional craftmanship and culture, protecting the knowledge of making things with your own hand. She frequently gives workshops,  cooperates with local producers and ensure the fair and proper treatment of the workers. She also works with suppliers and local social activists to identify these creators most needs in order to give them platform a in the Taktil Work/Shop that way directly improves their lives and the hole communities.