DIY LOOP Leather Pieces Items - Necklace Bracelet Brooch Triangle M
2.20 CHF

Leatherpieces - Triangle (M)

The Products developed for the Taktil Work/Shop product range reach a high-end level in sustainability and no waste policy. We see design as an interactive process and it is very important to us to involve the wearers at some point of the “manufacturing chain”.

We love to assemble things and modularity in design. Waste cutting and finding alternatives to the current fast fashion trends are also been important aspects to us. These impressions and motives lead us to the idea of a DIY product range to encourage people to express there creativity.

To evoke expression of your own vision of beauty as a necessity for each one of us.
Send a glimpse of beauty into the world.

closed form 4x5.5cm
open form 19cm length

cow leather

Design by Taktil Work/Shop, Noelle Harris
Handmade in Switzerland
Open Source Design