Shoe Leather Handmade Highheel Boots
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Design by Noelle Harris

How and when the idea of a SINGLE SHOE KIT appears?
I see design as an iterative process and it was very important to me to involve the wearers at some point of the “manufacturing chain”. On the other hand,  assembling shoes is complex and i wanted to free my production from the dependence from the industry.  I’m really interested in simplicity and modularity in design. Waste cutting and finding alternatives to the current fast fashion trends have also been important aspects to me. These impressions and motives lead me to the idea of a SINGLE SHOE KIT.

How it actually works?
We have four uppers and two soles as a basic kit. We cut the upper and sew the pieces together. The sole, the bottom is specially designed for the SINGLE SHOE SYSTEM. Therefor we can open up the sole and put the upper in between the top sole and the bottom sole. Then we assemble the all parts of the SINGLE SHOE. The customer can choose and create a pair of shoes with his own choice.

NO WASTE the bottom can be reused and the upper can repaired for years!

Custome Design
Design your own Single Shoe
No. 1. Flat Zipper
No. 2  Flat laced simple
No. 3  Flat laced double
No. 4  Heel Boots

SINGLE SHOES of Taktil allows you to design your perfect Single Shoe at the Store in Basel. Select from 4 Basic Styles, material, colour and the bottom options to bring your dream SINGLE SHOE to life.